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Unconditional Love

There is a place of tenderness of heart that leaves one very vunerable. Its where all of our hopes, all of our dreams and all of our secret desires live. It is also where all the fear, all the insecurity and all the failure hides. Most choose to hide and keep that part of themselves very guarded. But, I am learning that THIS is the EXACT PART of our humanity that GOD WANTS ACCESS to!

We do not have to hide or protect ourselves from Him. He is a HEALER. He is a RESTORER. He is the LOVER OF OUR SOULS! What He wants is OUR DEEPEST LOVE AND PASSION! Give HIM your passions, needs and desires and WATCH GOD bring you into the deepest joy and fulfillment you can ever achieve in this life!

We have gotten it wrong when we lay our heart's burdens at the feet of people. This is the prime way the devil is able to break us. Don't hand your heart straightway to people, hand it to God FIRST for its safe keeping! He will then handle it with the greatest of care and give it to whom He chooses. How they handle your heart is between Him and them. He is BEYOND TRUSTWORTHY and will never leave you empty!

God alone makes up the difference between the vastness of His Love and the deficit of people's. Its about capacity. Only GOD is COMPLETE and able to give you EVERYTHING you need, NOT PEOPLE. Your heart, in His Hands, will be supplied with every good thing and you can then operate with grace and compassion for those you love who cannot handle the weight of your heart on their own.

Only with this posture can we become UNOFFENDABLE.


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